Map. History of Drugs War conflict

18 October 2017
President of the Philippines Duterte hits rights groups for not counting the lives that were destroyed by drugs
President Duterte: There are about 9000 policemen involved on drugs in the Philippines
Sen. Manchin calls for President Trump to rescind Rep. Marino’s nomination to lead national drug policy office.
Marijuana grow operation sparks electrical fire, power outage in Placentia
Philippines National Police chief: Transfer of anti-drug war to PDEA proof Duterte follows the law
Trinity: Man tried to sell drugs that featured Superman logo
EU reiterates recent visit of 7 international delegates critical of Duterte's drugs war was not an EU mission and their views didn't represent EU's
Chamberlain: man who shipped 20,000 fentanyl pills in the mail to himself faces up to 20 years in prison and a fine of $1 million.
President Duterte says that the low number of casualties sustained by the PDEA will equate to lower deaths
Hartford: Police in the Upper Valley say they seized 2,300 bags of heroin, drug paraphernalia, and cash during a vehicle stop.
Mass overdoses-approximately 14 in last several hours-reported in Camden due to lethal fentanyl laced heroin
Duterte orders police halt operations in his war on drugs
President Duterte: Drug problem is cause by criminals in China and Philippines getting together to wreck havoc to our country
President Duterte: The drug problem is now being controlled now by the 14K and Bamboo Triad
The Mississippi Bureau of Narcotics arrest two men and seize $30,000 in ecstasy pills during a drug bust Tuesday
Filipinos in Bangkok denounce Duterte’s ‘drug war’ in Philippines
President of the Philippines Duterte orders PDEA to solely undertake all anti-drugs operations
Panelo: War on drugs to go on despite dip in Duterte’s ratings
Soundview, Bronx: McDonald's manager arrested for selling cocaine while on the job
Australia seizes biggest-ever haul of meth chemical
Chicago man arrested in Muncie after large amount of cocaine is found in vehicle
A Cincinnati man was sentenced to nearly 20 years in prison for dealing a fatal fentanyl-heorin mix.
Mebane: 130 Pounds of Marijuana Found in Car Trunk During Traffic Stop
Pueblo man arrested for dealing meth and heroin - KKTV
A South Carolina woman who thought she was unboxing the yoga mat she had ordered from Walmart found something much more nefarious – $400,000 in oxycodone pills
Deputies with the Nebraska State Patrol seized over 20 pounds of methamphetamine along with marijuana during a traffic stop on Interstate 80 on Monday
Two suspects were arrested in Prescott oncerning heroin sales out of a hotel. Both suspects are also connected to other law enforcement investigations.
Milton: man is facing charges after a massive drug bust. Investigators said Drown had 890 bags of heroin on him when he was arrested
Milton man arrested on heroin trafficking charges
@ATLCouncil: Mayor Kasim Reed has 8 calendar days to sign or veto marijuana legislation, but it can go effect without his signature.