21 July 2024
1 month ago
FANB seized 976 kilos of marijuana and 2,860 liters of gasoline in the state of Sucre
1 month ago
Jordanian Public Security: Thwarting a major drug smuggling operation that was on its way to one of the neighboring countries
1 month ago
Top assassin for Sinaloa drug cartel extradited to US to face charges, Justice Department says
2 month ago
3.5 magnitude earthquake. 3 mi from Brawley, CA, UnitedStates
The Syrian National Army, in cooperation with the military police, arrested a drug trafficking network in the city of Al-Bab, east of Aleppo
700 pounds of fentanyl seized in San Francisco, 500 arrests
2 month ago
4 dead, more than 50 suspected drug overdoses in 'outbreak' in Texas, officials say
Marseille: A 25-year-old supply worker arrested, 22 kg of cannabis, 3.4 kg of cocaine and a handgun seized. "The traffickers considered that the fact that it was of European type reduced the risks of being detected by the police"
3 month ago
1 dead, 3 hospitalized after possible fentanyl overdose in Lakewood: authorities
Treasury announces sanctions on drug traffickers supporting the Pro-Assad forces sanctions on entities helping Assad government reap millions from the mining sector
Macron: In Marseille and other cities in France, it is an unprecedented operation that we have launched to put a stop to drug trafficking, ensure republican order, and clear the air
US Department of State: .@SecBlinken is in Vienna to attend the @UN Commission on Narcotic Drugs where he will highlight our work with partners to combat the synthetic drug crisis, including fentanyl4 month ago
US Department of State: .@SecBlinken is in Vienna to attend the @UN Commission on Narcotic Drugs where he will highlight our work with partners to combat the synthetic drug crisis, including fentanyl
4 month ago
The Jordanian Army: Thwarting the infiltration and smuggling of large quantities of drugs coming from Syrian territory
4 month ago
Eight people face charges for illegal cultivation after the Oklahoma Bureau of Narcotics served a search warrant at a marijuana farm in Earlsboro on Thursday
5 month ago
Syria’s Ministry of Defense announces seizing large amounts of hashish and captagon in the Syrian Desert near the border with Jordan
5 month ago
The Jordanian army announces the killing of 5 drug smugglers coming from Syria
5 month ago
The Jordanian army announces thwarting infiltration and smuggling operations across the border with Syria
5 month ago
225 pounds of narcotics, marijuana seized at El Paso border crossing
Russian FSB seized 641 kgs of cocaine in St.Petersburg
1200 kilograms of cocaine were seized at St.Petersburg port
The Syrian Foreign Ministry "expresses deep regret" over the Jordanian air strikes on Syrian territories
Mexico's government is demanding American officials urgently investigate why drug cartels in the country have U.S. military-grade weapons
6 month ago
In Ecuador, a prosecutor who dealt with the case of a recent armed attack on a television station was shot
6 month ago
Egypt thwarted a drug smuggling attempt after an exchange of gunfire close to a crossing on the border with Israel, where aid deliveries for Gaza are being inspected, its army spokesperson said on Tuesday
6 month ago
Israeli army: Following the incident in the area of the Nitzana opening along the Israeli border with Egypt, an Israeli army soldier was lightly injured during the exchanges of fire. She was evacuated to a hospital to receive medical treatment and her family has been informed
Argentina, Bolivia and Colombia offer help to Ecuador against gangs
More than a ton of cocaine worth 11 billion rubles was seized by customs officers and the FSB in the port of St. Petersburg. Container arrived from Nicaragua
Congressman @RepFrenchHill on Jordan's strikes against Iran-linked drug smugglers in Syria: "It's no secret that Iran is a top supporter of Assad's regime in Syria. As the dangerous drug captagon makes its way further West from the region, it's critical that we pass my bill, the Illicit Captagon Trafficking Suppression Act, which imposes new sanctions on individuals and networks associated with producing and trafficking this drug."
Reuters, citing intelligence sources: Jordanian planes bomb drug dealers linked to Iran inside Syria
"Israel is telling (Syrian President Bashar) al-Assad: you are allowing Iranians and Hezbollah to transfer weapons and entrench themselves - so we will disrupt your lifeline and you will find yourself in a tight spot." - Reuters